Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Throwback Post - Khârn the Betrayer

Just a quick post for today, all these new years resolutions (keeping fit and stuff) are making me so tired. I'm literally dredging up old picture of models to talk about.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Cheap DIY Dice Tray in 15 steps

Welcome to the new year everyone, let's hope 2017 is a great year for all hobbyists (well, for everyone really, but you guys are my favourite people ;) ). 

As an aside - My hobbying resolution is write ad write the ultimate beginners guide in 2017 by compiling a huge amount of resources and knowledge from across the internet into one easily digestible guide for newcomers/returners. As I have been away from this hobby for over 16 years, coming back was so daunting. When pro's write guides, I find that sometimes they are so far disconnected from the introduction to miniature war-games they're speaking a different language to what beginners would even understand. Hopefully with my former knowledge (of what's important) and my recent re-introduction I feel I'm in a great place to write in a way that's more directed at beginners. Essentially miniature wargaming 101. (I may even move away from this blog to a separate website dedicated to Miniature wargaming info)

I'll be looking for help from people in the the community for this mammoth task, so if you are interested in helping staff build a community resource, comment or drop me a line and I'll be in touch.

Anyway, on with the post. If like me you got some new games for Xmas or you have some old ones you play on the tabletop. I've found a dice tray is a fantastic tool to stop you hitting your mini's or getting rolls that land on the edge of something. to keep games fair too, we've instigated the rule that the dice must hit a side of the tray to be counted. Just to avoid anyone trying to do trick roll and get what they want every time. 

Shortly after having my first ever game of Space Hulk, I realised a Dice Tray would be useful to stop my dice from knocking minis, landing at odd angles against the board, falling off the table and would just be a generally cool thing to have. (sorry if you don't like the colour, but in case you can't tell by the blog theme, I like Black and Orange) You can make this in pretty much any colour you like (so long as you're happy with the frame in Black or White, or you want to paint it.

I usually turn to eBay for all of my hobby supplies, 2 reasons. one is that it is normally the cheapest place to pick up supplies and tools, and 2 is that if you click my links and make a purchase, eBay will pay me for the referral. Yes, I'm making some money (like £3 a week) from this site, but at least I'm not bullshitting you about it.

Anyway, this time eBay failed me! Search for Dice Tray and you're looking at £15 minimum. It's not too bad, but the quality of the cheapest items did not seem worth £15 to me. So, with a little ingenuity, I decided to make one, and doing this meant I could have a decent sized tray in the colours I wanted. The best part is it cost me less than £5 and I managed to make this on Boxing Day, that includes going out and buying the parts.

Dice Trays on eBay

After the Jump, I'll show you how to make one for yourself for less than £5 (£10 if you get the components online).

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

PSA: Load up on Hobby Scenery Supplies at Christmas

Hey everyone,

Just a quick post this week to remind everyone that you can save up some fantastic hobby supplies from Xmas day leftovers!

Maybe I had too much this year?

So, chances are you've got a load of new miniatures laying round after Christmas, but this isn't the only hobby supplies you can get over the xmas period.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Space Hulk: A 20 year journey to play one game.

I've never blogged about a Miniature Board game, those of you who know me and those who have read my blog probably know, I don't play miniature Board-games or Wargames. With one single exception, Space Hulk.

In my opinion, the best game that Games Workshop have ever released.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Decanting Games Workshop Paints into Dropper Bottles

Plenty of people have made this same post, but i wanted to bring it up to date and show what I have found to recover as much paint from you original pot as possible.

Instructions after the jump

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Throwback Post - Abaddon the Despoiler and Black Legion Terminators

So here's a quick post about some older models I pained nearly 20 years ago

I have a new Abaddon which I'm going to be painting in the coming weeks to see how far I've progressed.

(C&C appreciated)
Abaddon with his bodyguard of Chaos Terminators

Here was my entire inspiration and driving force behind my collection, Buy one of everything out of the Codex and paint it to match (as best I could). Did not know NMM was a thing!

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

WIP - Dark Angels Tactical Squad

This was the first squad I started after getting back into this hobby a year or so ago, inspired by all of the blogs and tutorials out here, I painted up a couple of test minis, one to get the colour scheme down and another to have a go at writing a tutorial (and for myself to refer back to later).

These were built from a decade old tactical squad and the new Dark Angles Upgrade Pack

I like darker colours and even when I used to paint Dark angels over 16 years ago, I always had a 3:1 mix of Dark Angels green to Chaos Black. Thanks to ForgeWorld's Airbrush Range, Nocturne Green was everything I wanted in one bottle.

From here, I had to practise a bit to get the right colours for 2 levels of edge highlight. I settled on Castellan Green and Loren Forest.

The ornamentation is in Brass and the feathers are dark brown.

I still need to make some decisions and at some point I'm removing the bases to add 32mm versions. but because i scored the feet and glued them on with plastic cement, this exercise could be risky.

I'm almost complete but thy have sat in a conservatory for nearly a year and are covered in dust, I tried to clean this off using water and a drybrush. It cleared some off, but other larger pieces of dust have been matted into the paintwork. not sure how to get this out now and I need to before I can finish the painting! Any suggestions would be great as I'm stuck until I do this.

Really want this squad done and put in my display cabinet. it's taking too long but Rank & File Minis can be quite dull to paint. Also, randomly trying out new techniques is taking up more of my time.