Friday, 26 August 2016

The Best Service........... Is Really Good Service

Have you heard the old Customer Service adage "If a customer has a bad experience they will tell 10 people, but if they have a good experience they will tell 2 people". Well in 2016 if a customer has an amazing experience they will blog about it!.

I work in Service and have for over 15 years, so i know that you're fighting an uphill battle, not only from the statement above, you clearly need 5 times as many happy customers as unhappy ones just to break even. but there is also the fact that you're dealing with "problems", your customer is already unhappy that something isn't how they expect it should be, before they even tell you!

Well, today I received proof that Games Workshop has the best customer service I have ever encountered! Considering that several years ago I gave up on Games Workshop, entirely due to disgraceful customer service.

At that time I purchased about £700 worth of stuff to get me back into the hobby, the Ultimate Paint Set, 40k a bike squadron, land raider, land speeder and some fine-cast models. (Khârn the Betrayer, Fabius Bile and the Great Unclean One) decent haul. But my finecast models were awful. these were the first i bought and the air bubbles were atrocious, Khârn had thousands of bubbles down one side. Fabius Bile had the bottom corner of his coat missing (right where the leather face was) and the great unclean one had half his face missing (in literally any other place on that model I could have just incorporated it into the design of Nurgle, but I can't re-sculpt a face!). This was back before we could simply take photos and send them via the internets. But now, Instant evidence